Spanish Alabaster Foyer Chandelier Lighting

Earth Elements

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Alabaster Foyer Chandelier Lighting creates captivating light displays with an organic quality that will instantly catch the eye in any space. Suspended from a circular canopy and adjustable chains, the fixture boasts a series of radially extending steel arms to suspend the textured shade below. A slender cluster of natural alabaster hangs in multiple layers, elegantly creating a tapered silhouette around its interior lighting. When illuminated, the stone glows softly as the fixtures emit warm ambient light throughout the space.

PLEASE NOTE: Alabaster patterns vary by product, our product and the pictures shown are different.


  • Dimension:
    Size: 55cm D x 43cm H(21.7″ D x 16.9″ H) Size: 80cm D x 55cm H(31.5″ D x 21.7″ H)
  • Material: Brass, Alabaster
  • Finish:Alabaster Finish
  • Size, Color, Material, Style, Number of Lights, Lamp holder Model, Cord Length, can be specified according to the requirements of customization. Please contact us.


  • Please note that this lamps requires self-assembly.
  • Wipe with a soft, dry cloth (Included); Please take care to avoid using all cleaners and abrasives to avoid damaging the paint surface