Marble Wall Sconce

Earth Elements

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This unique marble wall sconce is crafted hand made. It is from the same family of marble fixture 'Bolos' and 'Niche'. 'Afyon Sugar Marble' is one of the oldest and well known Turkish Marbles. It is a translucent cream color marble with gold veins. The veins of the marble look like flowing gold rivers on the soft white ground. This view provides you an elegant and stylish look and mood. Additionally, it has a durable and sturdy structure. Thus, it can be used for the long term, as we see in ancient buildings. 'Afyon Sugar Marble' has been used for thousands of years by people as a construction and decoration material.

Due to its nature, every marble disc is different than one another, ?f you do have specific wish for the marble discs please advise us.

Color: Black/Gold

Diameter: 10"; 8"; 6.3"
Lampshade Material: marble
Lamp base material: Iron

It uses G9 lamp base, bulb not included.