Custom Epoxy Resin Clear Dining Table


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Custom live epoxy resin river dining table. This table will give your room shine and vitality. Handmade and environmentally friendly production.  All items are custom-made to order. Products shown on this list have been purchased, but we can customize similar.  Due to the natural shape and handcrafted nature of items, each piece is unique. Not exactly alike. Easy assembly required. Pre-drilled and all hardware included in the package.

*Customization: Regardless of the size and shape of this listing, we can completely customize it for you. Please provide the color, size, wood species, location, and any other specifics for a quick and easy quote.  I will provide photos and video tape for you at intervals during the production process.
Lead Time: 8 to 10 weeks

29.5'' H X 42'' W X 72'' L
29'' H X 41'' W X 90'' L
29.5'' H X 42'' W X 96'' L
29.5'' H X 48'' W X 108.3'' L
29.5'' H X 48'' W X 120'' L
The product in the photo is an example. Each new product is produced from different wood slabs. Therefore, the color, textures, and curves of wood used in the product can be changed. Akari is one of the exclusive designers and producers of luxury handmade lighting and furniture.  We design and produce handmade, high-end, luxury lighting and furniture made of the best-selected materials with the highest quality  currently available on the market.