Akari Geometrix Crystal Chandelier


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There is an extraterrestrial aura about this Akari Geometrix Crystal Chandelier - Rectangular. Floating from aircraft cable, it forms a dazzling circle of light in the sphere of one's awareness. The minimalist shape of this figure is in contrast with its fiery surface of K9 Crystal and silver finish. Some assembly required. The chandelier comes with a polished chrome canopy and details and shines with a diffused ambient illumination.

This light is grounded in a sense of classicism and crafted with the greatest attention to quality and detail. Most importantly, this collections enhance the creation of spaces that express the unique spirit of those who call them home. Spaces for the celebration of life’s grandest occasions as well as its most cherished private moments.

  • Has 12 feet of field-cuttable cable
  • Has 12 feet of wire
  • "Crystal Color" Highest K9 Crystal


  • Cable: L 144 in
  • Fixture:
  • Oval : L32"xW17"xH9.5"; L39"xW20"xH11"; L47"xW24"xH11"; L59"xW30"xH11"; L71"xW36"xH11"; L79"xW39"xH11"; L95"xW47"xH11"
  • Round: D23.62"xH3.94" ; D31.5"xH4.72"
  • Suspension: L Adj To 160.5 in
  • Different colors available upon customization. Please Contact Akari Lanterns