Clear & Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendant Light

Earth Elements

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In the ancient allegory, David triumphs over the giant Goliath using only his wits and a stone. Goliath is a grand statement in material exploration. An Oblique Rhombic Prism frame is encrusted with a mass of carefully chosen clear and smoky quartz crystals.

The mass is internally illuminated, optimistically reminding us of humanity’s potential to overcome even the most massive of challenges. This one-of-a-kind work of sculptural design art was produced by hand.


Height: 39.4 in (100.08 cm)Width: 17.3 in (43.95 cm)Depth: 19.7 in (50.04 cm)

Materials and Techniques: Quartz

Details & Notes: Crystals are grown by Mother Nature, as such all crystals will differ in size, shape and scale with every fixture. Made by hand. Crate included in the price. This item cannot be returned or exchanged because of the hand-made and bespoke nature of this product.