Akari Origami Bird Lamp


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The Akari Origami Bird Lamp was inspired by nature and seeking to capture its ethereal beauty. The dainty white birds are hand folded from non-flammable synthetic paper and have brass metal accents that complement it. A special mechanism allows for the the birds to sway, giving life to this playful fixture while the LED light source gently illuminates the paper birds. Perfect for use in modern living rooms and dining areas.

LED Light Included

1 Bird n Shape: W 8 inches, H 24 inches
2 Birds n Shape: W 13 inches, H 28 inches
3 Birds Branch: W 24 inches, H 41 inches
5 Birds Branch: W 35 inches, H 41 inches
Wall Sconce 1 Bird: W 8 inches, H 20 inches
Table Lamp 1 Bird: W 9 inches, H 28 inches
Floor Lamp 1 Bird: W 12 inches, H 65 inches