Is a bulb included?  What is the wattage?

 Yes.  Either a Warm-white LED bulb or a Cool-white LED bulb is already installed in your lamp.  The warm-white bulb has a yellow glow and the cool-white bulb has a bright white glow.  The small lamps come with a 17 watt LED bulb that is as bright as a 60 watt traditional bulb and the Medium and Deluxe lamps come with a 24 watt LED bulb that is equal to a 100 watt traditional bulb.



How do I change the bulb?

To change the bulb, you must remove one of the pieces of the lamp.  This can be done by unfastening the 4 tabs that secure each piece to the other pieces.  Once you remove this piece, you will be able to reach into the lamp to pull out the bulb assembly and change the bulb.  After changing the bulb, you can replace the plastic piece by fastening the 4 tabs that hold the piece to the rest of the lamp.


When the lamp arrived, the tips were curled and bent.  How do I fix this?

Simply use your fingers to bend the tip in the opposite direction.  But do not crease or fold the tip.  Make sure your hands are clean before handling the lamp.


How do I make my lamp brighter?

If you have a Small lamp, you can make the lamp brighter by purchasing and installing a larger LED bulb, we recommend a 23 watt (100 watt equivalent) LED bulb.

If you have a Medium or Deluxe size lamp, then we recommend you purchase a “socket splitter” and an extra LED bulb from our website or any hardware store and install it in your lamp. 

 NOTE:  These are "enclosed" lamps meaning that heat will build up inside the lamp since it is not open at the top or bottom.  This is why we only recommend using CFL spiral or LED bulbs.  These bulbs don't generate as much heat as the traditional incandescent bulbs.  


The lamp has an amber glow, how do I change it to a white glow?

If want to change the color of the glow, purchase a “Cool-white” or “Daylight” 23 watt CFL bulb from any hardware store and install it in the lamp.  Only use CFL bulbs or LED bulbs in any Akari lamp.  

You can also purchased a color CFL bulb from any hardware store to completely change the color of the lamp.  Large hardware stores sell CFL bulbs in different color such as: pink, red, blue, purple, green, etc.


How do I permanently hang the lamp from the ceiling?

If you want to hard-wire the lamp to an electrical box in the ceiling, then purchase our “Ceiling Mounting kit” and follow the instructions. 


How do I clean the lamp?

Our hanging lamps are made of a very durable material that is also easy to clean.  Simply remove the dust with a dust feather or dry cloth and you can remove other dirt and stains with any household glass cleaner.


Can these lamps be used outside?

Yes.  You can use these lamps outside and hang it from a tree branch or framing structure.  However, we highly recommend you remove the lamp if it is raining or windy.